If you cast your mind back to December of last year, you may remember the grand unveiling of the Slayers Club, a rewards program launched to celebrate DOOM's 25th anniversary.

In case you didn't sign up on day one, Bethesda has provided a fresh write up of how everything works and what you can receive by joining the fun. Once you've signed up (it's free) you can join in on special in-game challenges for DOOM, read related articles, watch videos, and more, all in the name of earning points.

Points mean prizes, which mostly consist of things like skins and other in-game content, but you can also earn entries for a monthly prize pool which regularly features very cool goodies indeed. Have you seen that Switch?!

If you haven't signed up but are interested, you can do so - and check out all the terms and conditions for the giveaways - right here.

Bethesda, if you're reading, please make that DOOM-themed Switch available everywhere. We'll take ten, please!