The first entry in the DOOM series launched on this very day 25 years ago on 10th December 1993, and Bethesda is celebrating the anniversary in style with a new video and a year's worth of exclusive goodies for fans, all wrapped up inside a new Slayers Club program.

The video (which you can watch above) takes us on a journey of DOOM's juicy demon-destroying goodness from that original game right up to the present day. Bethesda has called the next twelve months the "Year of DOOM" which, aside from sounding suitably sinister, also suggests that fans of the series will have lots to look forward to. DOOM Eternal release, anyone?

If you're interested, you can sign up to this new Slayers Club right here. Those who do will receive an exclusive Zombie DOOM Slayer skin for DOOM Eternal when it launches, and the site promises further "exclusive content, rewards, events, contests, and much more". Joining up is free (you just use your account to login) and you can see the Zombie Slayer skin in the flesh below.


As an interesting final note, Bethesda says that the Zombie skin will be available to use "in the Campaign, Invasion and the unannounced multiplayer" modes when DOOM Eternal arrives. Tasty.

Are you a DOOM fan? Will you be signing up? Let us know in the comments below.