Chicken Wiggle

The founder of Atooi, Jools Watsham, has released a new blog post discussing everything the company has been working on over the past four months. He began by apologising for the delay of Chicken Wiggle Workshop on the Switch. The current objective is to release the game by the fourth quarter of 2019. So, sometime between October and December. Right now, the team is busy adding more content to the game and polishing every aspect of it to improve the overall experience:

"We're adding more content to the game as well as polishing every aspect of it, which all takes extra production effort and time. The additional content we're adding improves the player's overall enjoyment and experience of the game - making it a much better title - while also addressing some of the feedback we received from the original release on 3DS. In short, we're adding our own internal stretch goals to the project, despite the Kickstarter not reaching those extra funding goals."

Jools further explained how developing multiple projects at once resulted in shared resources and slower progress:

"Sometimes we must share resources across projects to keep Atooi, as a whole, on track with our overall company strategy. We are always developing multiple projects simultaneously. This is to ensure we have a steady stream of releases and hopefully a steady stream of revenue. This enables Atooi to continue making great games. The adverse effect of this approach is that it can slow down progress on some or all of our projects for a period."

After this, he discussed how the company has three secret projects underway. The first is a physical release, the second appears to be a free online game and the third is a puzzle adventure title:

Secret Project #1: We are wrapping up a very special physical release right now. That's right - a game in a box!! If everything goes as planned, it will be available to purchase in the next few months. I think this will be a very nice surprise for Atooi fans. Keep your eyes and ears open for more news on this very special release. We should have more news to share during E3, which is this June.

Secret Project #2: This title is extremely exciting and also extremely risky for us. We're throwing our hat into the ring of free online games for Nintendo Switch (and hopefully other platforms eventually). Insanity? Yes, probably! The game is progressing extremely well, so even if it is not a financial success, it will certainly be a game that I am immensely proud of, and a game I am looking forward to play with everyone fairly soon-ish. More news closer to completion.

Secret Project #3: We have a puzzle adventure in the works, which shows excellent promise. It is a concept I first created many years ago that we're finally developing now. It scratches a new itch when compared to our other titles. Exciting stuff. More news soon.

The last bit of news was about Treasurenauts. It's still on the way, even if it was announced way back in 2013. Currently, the team is looking towards a 2020 release. Apart from this, the project is chugging along nicely.

"Yes, we're still working on the game I first - mistakenly - announced way back in 2013. We're tentatively looking at a 2020 release. I won't have any new details to share until next year, I expect. The game is progressing very well. I am looking forward to share more on the game in the future."

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