Limited Run Games is partnering with the team at Humble Bundle to release a physical copy of the 2D wonder Aegis Defenders on the Switch and PlayStation 4. The title originally debuted on eShop in February 2018.

Pre-orders for the hard copy will be available on 10th May at 10 am EST. There'll also be a two-week timed pre-order for the Switch version and Limited Run has confirmed there won't be a collector's edition for this one.

Limited Run Games Aegis Defenders

Explore ancient ruins, defend against waves of enemies, and experience an epic story through the eyes of four heroes in @AegisDefenders!

Aegis Defenders started out life as a Kickstarter project in 2014 and combines platforming action and exploration with tower defense. It also supports a two player drop in/drop out co-op mode. In our review we said it was a fantastic game and gave it nine out of ten stars.

Is this a physical release you've been holding out for? Do you already own a digital copy? Tell us below.