Zelda amiibo

If you're working on a healthy collection of amiibo figures, or even if you're just a super Legend of Zelda fan, you'll be pleased to know that both Wolf Link and the Champions amiibo set are now back in stock at the Nintendo Official UK store (at the time of writing, at least).

These particular figures aren't the easiest to find out there in the wild (a quick search on Amazon UK shows the Champions set listed for over £445) so this is a great opportunity to pick them up. You can find links to both products below.

Wolf Link is expected to despatch from 3rd May, while the Champions set is due a little later on the 31st. Remember that the Nintendo UK Store only offers free delivery on orders over £20.

Zelda amiibo

Do you have these amiibo in your collection? Let us know if you'll be picking them up with a comment below.

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