The Nintendo Switch has now sold more units than those achieved by the Nintendo 64 throughout its lifetime, new estimates reveal.

The data comes from VGChartz, which says that the Switch sold 217,096 units for the week ending 6th April and believes that the Switch has therefore shifted 33.15 million units as of that date. Official figures from Nintendo show that the Nintendo 64's lifetime sales reached 32.93 million, indeed making it very likely that the retro star is the latest to be overtaken by Nintendo's hybrid success.

Back in December 2018, Nintendo confirmed that the Switch had sold 32.27 million units, so it's easy to believe that the N64 has definitely been surpassed at this point. Interestingly, Nintendo sold 224.97 million games for Nintendo 64 back in the day, with the Switch lagging slightly behind on 163.31 million as of December 2018.

So, which of Nintendo's previous machines is next on Switch's most wanted list? That would be the SNES, which achieved 49.10 million sales during its lifetime.

We imagine 50 million is a 'when', rather than 'if' situation with Switch, so when do you think it will reach that target? Let us know in the comments below.

[source vgchartz.com, via comicbook.com]