Yoshi's Crafted World has been around for just under a month now, and while the game is predictably adorable in most areas, one particular feature is a little less-than-perfect: the soundtrack.

We, and many players who have been sharing their thoughts online, have felt rather let down by Crafted World's soundtrack, especially when you compare it to the utter delight that was the Yoshi's Woolly World soundtrack. Mostly, this is thanks to the fact that almost the entire game uses the same song over and over again, with tweaks being added to things such as its instrumentation depending on your location.

In a slightly humorous turn of events, the composer of Yoshi's Woolly World, Tomoya Tomita, has been retweeting people's messages regarding both game's soundtracks. The tweets almost always compare both games, with Tomita's Woolly World soundtrack being seen as the much better product, and it seems he isn't afraid to share messages which really rip into the new title.

To make things clear, Tomita didn't work on Crafted World; some of these retweets make it look like he may be feeling pretty smug about the whole situation, but he may well simply be proud of his own work and not meaning to rub it in the face of those who worked on the new material.

Here are some of the tweets he has retweeted (you can see his timeline here):


As we said, perhaps he was simply sharing those messages because they praised his work on Woolly World. This retweet, however, which features "the music sucks" as one of its points, might seem a little more cheeky.

Have you played Yoshi's Crafted World? What did you think to its soundtrack? Tell us below.

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