The publisher Dangen Entertainment is teaming up with developer Picorinne Soft to release Disc Creatures on the PC. The name might not remind you of anything in particular, but every other aspect of this game appears to be inspired by Game Freak's earlier Pokémon titles on the Game Boy, right down to its looks.

The official PR explains how Disc Creatures is a "tribute to classic monster catching RPGS" from the golden years of handheld gaming. You'll be required to choose from three starter creatures and then set off as a "licensed" Disc Ranger to tame the greatest monsters and bring peace to the lands. Here's a little bit more info about the game directly from the PR:

Disc Creatures is set in a world where humans live alongside a wildly varied cast of creatures, all with different personalities, abilities, and moral codes. Travel across a quaint, quirky landscape, taming creatures and helping those in need! Mysteries fill the land of Disc Creatures, and some are darker and more formidable than one might expect…

The game is said to include more than 20 hours of gameplay, 200 monsters, unique skill trees and a "heart-warming" chiptune soundtrack. Here are some more screenshots, courtesy of Gematsu:


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