We all used to love a bit of Nintendogs on the Nintendo DS back in the day, looking after our favourite digital doggos while they bounced around the screen in pure joy, but this story gives the word 'Nintendog' a whole new meaning.

STV News has shared the story of Rocco, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who was taken to a veterinary hospital after falling ill. An X-ray discovered that a Nintendo DS cartridge was snuggled up inside his small intestine, no doubt causing a saddening amount of discomfort. You can see it in this tweet below.

Thankfully, an operation to remove the game was carried out the very same day and he has since made a "brilliant recovery". Interestingly, Rocco's owners have no idea how the DS game got there in the first place.

Owner Sean Johnston, 27, said: "He wasn't acting himself at all and we were worried he'd eaten a corn on the cob, but we were so shocked when the vet said it was from a video game.

"We don't own a Nintendo or anything like that so we're baffled as to where he got it from.

"He's a rescue dog and we've only had him for about six months so the only thing we can think is that it was from his previous owners - who knows how long it's been in there.

It hasn't been revealed which particular DS game Rocco swallowed so, for all we know, it actually could have been a copy of Nintendogs. At least any dogs in families that own a Nintendo Switch shouldn't face the same problem - we imagine DS cartridges taste absolutely divine when compared to the vile taste of a Switch cartridge.