Image: Evercade

A brand new games console is about to burst onto the scene and, while it's still very early days, it looks like the Nintendo Switch might be about to receive a hybrid system rival.

Introducing Evercade, a "brand new handheld console with unique multi-game retro cartridges". At present, details on the new system are relatively slim, although an FAQ section has been posted on its website to provide a little more info.

The console apparently already has "several publishers" on board, with three soon to be announced; will "play games from the most popular consoles of the 8bit and 16bit era"; has a rechargeable battery which will last for 4-5 hours; has a focus on "quality over quantity", and can connect to your TV via HDMI. No internet connection is required - the system has a retro, 'old school' approach - and it will feature a screen which is 4.3 inches in size (the same size as a PSP).

One answer in the FAQ section explains why the console is being produced:

"We’re retro gamers. We’re a team of passionate gamers who want to create a single platform for retro gamers to enjoy their favourite games. We haven’t developed this because we ‘saw a gap in a market’. This is a project being developed with passion."

Another explains how the games will make their way to the console:

"Where possible, we are working directly with the original software/emulator developers to support them for their hard work and also to ensure their emulation is accurately reflected on our hardware – to deliver the best possible experience for you. We will aim to share more information on this as we reveal more about the console."

Evercade is set to launch in 2019 (an exact release date and more details will be shared soon). You can sign up your email on the website if you're interested in learning more.

For now, we'll leave you with a screenshot of some of the features you can expect to enjoy when it arrives.

Image: Evercade

What do you think? Are you interested in hearing more? Could this become a major player in the retro scene? Share all your thoughts with us below.

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