Enter The Gungeon

Developer Dodge Roll has revealed its roguelike shooter Enter The Gungeon will be receiving an exclusive Nintendo Switch retail release in North America on 25th June for $29.99, thanks to the assistance of Devolver Digital.

This physical edition will come packed with all of the existing DLC, an exclusive “Shotgun Kin” playable skin, stickers, papercraft, reversible jacket artwork and a download code for the game’s soundtrack. Take a look game box art and all the of lovely goodies in the image below:

Enter The Gungeon Box Art

If you haven't played Enter the Gungeon before, it's an endlessly replayable bullet hell roguelike with satisfying combat, random levels, multiple weapons, a variety of items and many secrets.

The final DLC pack 'A Farewell to Arms' comes out today, which also happens to line-up with the game's three-year anniversary. This update includes two new playable characters, more guns, floors, items, and a new rainbow mode. Read more about it in our previous post.

Will you be trying out the game's final DLC pack? Would you be interested in a physical copy of the game for your Switch library? Tell us down below.