Labo Cropped

Last week, Nintendo announced that its Labo series will soon be receiving a virtual reality Toy-Con set, aptly named Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit. This is the first time Nintendo has entered the VR space in recent times (yes, there was the Virtual Boy, yada yada) and thanks to the Switch's limited native resolution and the fact that the kit isn't going to match the likes of PSVR or HTC Vive in terms of its technical resources, some are feeling pretty concerned.

We agree with these concerns to an extent, even going as far as to discuss the potential positives and negatives of Nintendo's new venture in a talking point feature last week, but VR developer Alexander Mejia has now weighed in on the subject, defending Labo VR against any early criticisms. Mejia is the founder and CEO of Human Interact, developer of VR title Starship Commander, and has been working in VR development since 2014.

He predicts that the Labo VR set will be a success and emphasises the fact that this is a kit built for young audiences, not something which should really be compared with the more high-end experiences on the market. He goes on to describe that the kit's interpupillary distance is fixed and an estimated 10mm shorter than what can be achieved with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, further proving that this is, at heart, a VR experience for children.

You can watch his full reasonings and VR developer insights in the video below; towards the end of the video, he discusses how this could well be the first steps of a bigger VR push for Nintendo, with the Labo kit seemingly being a way for the Japanese giant to dip its toe in the VR water. We wouldn't be surprised if this really was the case, but it's all speculation for now, of course.

What are your thoughts on Labo VR? Will you be trying it? Do you think newer Switch models will benefit from full VR experiences? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.