Forever Entertainment has revealed that it will be bringing Thief Simulator to Nintendo Switch later this year. We hope you have a balaclava at the ready for this one.

Created by indie developer Noble Muffins, Thief Simulator does exactly what it says on the tin. You'll be exploring free-roam sandbox environments, observing your chosen targets and gathering information to pull off a successful burglary. You can challenge yourself against better-secured properties and sell on your stolen goods for a profit; make sure to check out the action for yourself in the trailer above.

To give you a little more info, here's a description courtesy of the game's Steam page:

A good thief always observes his target. What's inside? Who lives there? What's your target day schedule? Find out when the house is empty and does it have nosy neighbours. Choose from lots of possible approaches to prepare the best plan. Many modern devices available in Thief Simulator might come in handy with gathering intel about your target and it's neighbourhood.

The faster, the better. Find and steal as many valuables as possible in the shortest time possible. Remember that infinite backpacks don't exist. When it's about time you have to maintain cold blood. In every house you'll find tons of useless stuff, which can really slow you down. If you're not sure that you can take some serious money for it, maybe a good idea would be to leave it behind and save space for some expensive goods. If you fill your backpack with worthless items, you may have to waste your time to throw stuff out just to make space for other things. Be careful, cause some things can draw police attention to you!

Forever Entertainment tells us that Thief Simulator is planned to release in Q2 this year, with pricing expected to be set at $19.99.

Do you like the look of this one? Will you be adding it to your Switch wishlist ready for the summer? Let us know in the comments.