Joining the small army of puzzle games on the Switch eShop later this month is She Remembered Caterpillars, a quirky looking title that may be worth keeping an eye on.

Described as "a fungipunk fantasy about love, loss, and holding on", She Remembered Caterpillars has players exploring a mysterious world inhabited by similarly mysterious creatures. You'll need to lead these cute little critters through a collection of 40+ puzzles, presumably learning all about said love and loss along the way.

It seems to feature lovely hand-drawn art throughout, with puzzles being based on colours displayed on-screen. The game actually launched on Steam back in 2017, receiving a relatively small number of reviews which have averaged out as being "mostly positive".

Here's a list of game features taken from its Steam page:

- Gorgeous artwork from Symmetrain (IGF 2014 Student Showcase Award) creator Daniel Leander Goffin.
- 40 levels of brain-bending puzzles, with each new act presenting a fresh mechanic or a different color.
-A haunting soundtrack by Thomas Höhl, composer for Galaxy On Fire and the well-known Deponia (1–3) franchise.
- She Remembered Caterpillars can easily be played by the color-blind, thanks to its unique usage of shapes and symbols

It's scheduled to launch on Switch on 28th March, although no pricing details have yet been revealed.

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