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Sony has revealed it will be hosting a series of live broadcasts, with the first one kicking off on 25th March.

These 'State of Play' showcases intend to provide updates and announcements from the world of PlayStation. Here's a bit about what to expect, direct from the PR:

State of Play will give you updates and announcements from the world of PlayStation. Our first episode will showcase upcoming PS4 and PS VR software, including new trailers, new game announcements and new gameplay footage.

As you can probably imagine, people have had an absolute field day on social media with this announcement. Most comments appear to be poking fun at PlayStation for seemingly copying Nintendo's Direct presentations.

Even our colleagues over at Push Square seem to agree the Japanese entertainment giant has taken a page out of Nintendo's book. After all, it wouldn't be the first time Sony PlayStation has shamelessly copied Nintendo.

What do you think about Sony building hype with its own live broadcasts? Are you surprised it didn't happen sooner? Share your thoughts below.

[source pushsquare.com]