Famicom Controller Upside Down
Image: blog.esuteru

If you ever want to cause mass outrage in Japan, apparently all you need to do is hold a Famicom controller upside down, get someone to take a photo of it and then wait until it goes viral on the internet.

This is what happened earlier this week when a photo of a child holding a Famicom controller the wrong way supposedly "went viral" on Japanese social media. The photo itself was actually taken for a supplementary reading book designed for elementary school children in Japan, which only added fuel to the fire. Even people who don't play video games within the country were reportedly calling it out.

The photo received so much criticism online, the Board of Education in Iwate Prefecture was eventually forced to respond by explaining how exactly the photo was taken. It said the child in the photo was simply asked to hold the controller, in order to illustrate how children played back in 1991.

As the school children of today are not familiar with one of the most popular video game systems of all-time, the controller was held the incorrect way. The board said more preparation, as well as research, should have been done to prevent such a "serious" mistake from happening.

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[source nintendosoup.com]