The Google Stadia controller

Both Nintendo and Sony have seen their shares take a bit of a tumble following the Google Stadia reveal on Tuesday.

Google's upcoming Stadia platform is set to allow users to stream games across pretty much any screen - mobiles, TVs, tablets, and laptops - and looks like it could make a significant and very different dent in the gaming industry when it launches later this year. It features plenty of impressive-looking tricks (like being able to pick up where you left off on another screen and its local multiplayer Stream Connect functionality), and it would appear that investors are feeling concerned about the future of dedicated consoles.

The two Japanese gaming giants, both of which are currently enjoying success with their traditional console platforms - Switch and PS4 - saw shares fall by nearly 4% in early trading on Wednesday. We regularly see Nintendo's shares fall and rise back up again, often by strangely large amounts in both directions, so this isn't a particularly new issue, but it's interesting to see how investors have reacted to Google's plans early on.

Nintendo's stock over the last 5 days, including that noticeable fall
Image: via Google

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