Gun Gun Pixies, a third-person 'shooter' involving tiny pixie girls running around avoiding (and ogling) full-sized human women in various states of undress, is coming to Switch 'soon'.

First released for the PS Vita, it seems that you take control of two diminutive 'pixie' girls from outer space who travel to earth in order to infiltrate a college dormitory (ladies only, of course) to 'study' human behaviour. These 'studies' will help them work through certain 'social issues' on their home planet.

It seems that their mission entails an awful lot of looking at half-dressed girls in various states of repose, using the third-person shooting mechanics to sneak and skulk about the dormitory undetected while 'sniping' the girls and interacting with them in various ways.

There are coins to collect, with unlocks including new weapons, lingerie and costumes. Perhaps more interesting is the Day One Edition detailed below:

If we didn't have you at "tiny girls from outer space infiltrate a women's dormitory", the Day One Edition of Gun Gun Pixies comes in a special Nintendo Switch collector's box that includes the game and a high quality artbook! Countless concept drawings, gorgeous key artworks, all characters in alternative outfits and more make this goodie an indulgence for every manga/anime lover.


Wholesome anthropological stuff, then. After checking out some videos of the PS Vita version, we're not convinced that this is the saucy Chibi-Robo we might have hoped - the critical reception seems to be 'mixed' to say the least, with the shooter mechanics in particular coming in for criticism. We doubt that was an area of development focus for makers Compile Heart, though. Still, different strokes!

Will this Day One Edition be a Day One purchase for you? Think that there's more to this than meets the eye? Let us know if we've got this one all wrong in the comments.