Last July, Super Rare Games announced a batch of Nintendo Switch physical releases based on various indie hits. One of these was the Fairune Collection, developed by Skipmore and originally published by Flyhigh Works on the Switch eShop.

Super Rare Games has now revealed this physical release, limited to 4,000 copies, can be pre-ordered on 14th March for $32.54 / £29.99 / €33.99, exclusively from the company's official website. This collection contains Fairune, Fairune 2, Fairune Origin and Fairune Blast. The Super Rare edition contains a full 20-page colour manual, interior artwork, exclusive sticker and three trading cards randomly selected from a five-card set. Take a look below:

Landscape Coming Soon Fairune

If you haven't played any of these games before, below is a brief description about each one, direct from the official PR:

Fairune is a retro-styled adventure RPG. Our heroine embarks upon a journey to unlock three mysterious statues and seal away a great evil. Throughout the journey she will need to solve puzzles, fight monsters, discover new weapons and improve her abilities.
Fairune 2
brings our heroine back for another perilous quest, this time to find a lost fairy. This sequel delivers a bigger world for those that are ready for the challenge.
Fairune Origin
, being released for the first time, offers an intriguing look at the beginnings of the IP. It provides a short but fun adventure and illustrates how SKIPMORE conceptualised the gameplay of the two games that followed.
Fairune Blast
is an unlockable treat that offers players something completely different. It’s a colourful shoot-em-up, perfect for pick-up-and-play action on the Nintendo Switch!

Have you been holding out for this physical collection? Have you already played the digital versions of these games? Tell us below.