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In celebration of the Switch making it to the two-year mark, a number of developers and publishers have been speaking out about their personal experiences with the hybrid platform so far. Indie titles, in particular, have done incredibly well on the system, often surpassing sales on other platforms by a significant margin.

During a recent interview with Time, Devolver Digital co-founder Nigel Lowrie spoke about how Nintendo had been actively contacting indie developers and publishers since the release of the Switch, to see what projects were on the way to the system. Lowrie said it was also impressive to see how the Japanese company was promoting these games alongside its own:

“It became very clear when the Switch came out, Nintendo, who have been really fantastic since, had started reaching out aggressively. They were contacting us, other devs, other pubs, engaging with us at PAX and GDC, making a conscious effort to see what we were up to … and to this day are pretty active in checking in to see what we have coming and working to promote our games side-by-side with their games, which is impressive to see.”

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