PlatinumGames has shared a lovely new video giving fans a tour of its headquarters in Osaka, Japan.

Getting the chance to have a good look around video game development studios is a rather rare treat, especially when they're as utterly glorious-looking as PlatinumGames' swanky pad of joy. The office is located in Osaka's Umeda Sky Building, which just so happens to be one of the world's more interesting buildings anyway, without having Platinum tucked away inside. Seriously, look at it.


If you haven't already watched the video by this point, expect to find fancy shots of the studio's entrance, work room, meeting rooms, sound studio, and library, as well as a surprising number of close-ups focusing on the wheels and bases of office chairs. Even the corridors look amazing, and we've never wanted to work there more.

Make sure to let us know your thoughts on the PlatinumGames office below; we'll just be over here working out how much it would cost to move Nintendo Life HQ next door. Constantly-cloudy England just doesn't cut it.