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If you happen to own Kirby's Epic Yarn on the Wii and want to know why the upcoming 3DS release Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn is worth purchasing, the recently launched Japanese website for the game has uploaded a helpful chart.

Below is a translation, courtesy of NintendoSoup:

Features 3DS Wii
Skills Ravel Abilities and Transformations Transformations
Devilish Mode Yes No
Mini-games Yes No
amiibo Compatibility Yes No
Wireless Function Compatibility with StreetPass (share your room) No
Furniture Objects 259 168
Number of players One player Two player

As you can see, the 3DS version has additional features, modes and includes extra abilities for Kirby. The only area it falls short is the multiplayer department. In the handheld release, two-player co-op mode is no longer an option.

Has this chart helped you decide whether or not to buy Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn on release? Tell us in the comments.