Okay, now we're straying into familiar territory. With tonight's Nintendo Direct getting everyone's pulse racing, it seems the old rumour about a Star Fox racing game from Retro Studios is doing the rounds once more.

According to a post from GameFAQs user Vergeben, the long-rumoured Star Fox: Grand Prix will finally be revealed this evening. He's got form with Smash Bros. character information and his original claims for the barrel-rolling racer were backed up by other websites; we, too, heard things on the grapevine.

From Vergeben's post:

From what I hear you won’t be waiting too long for it to release as I am hearing spring & there is even a beta scheduled to happen soon after its announcement tomorrow.

That last line sounds interesting - Nintendo is hardly famous for its pre-release betas, although the Splatoon 2 Testfires and Global Testpunches for ARMS arguably set precedent, especially if the company is looking to push a theoretical online component. With Retro now taking on Metroid Prime 4 development duties, perhaps the company was simply too busy with this until just recently.

Do you think this holds any water? With the rumour mill in full swing, can tonight's Direct possibly please everyone? Let us know in the comments.

[source nintendo-insider.com, via gamefaqs.gamespot.com]