Tetris 99

Tetris 99 was one of 'all-new' titles revealed during last night's Nintendo Direct, and is an online take on the classic Russian puzzler which pits you against 98 other players in a Battle Royale of a block-busting nature.

The game went live shortly after the presentation was done and dusted, and is free to download for Nintendo Switch Online members. Shortly afterwards, what appeared to be the official Twitter account stated that it was coming to another portable console – but perhaps not the one you were thinking.

Screenshot 2019 02 14 At 09.41.35

As you can see from the replies to that tweet, the news went down a storm. Why pick the PSP of all consoles? Why not the PS Vita or even the 3DS? The internet couldn't properly process the fact that in 2019, a new Tetris game was released on a system that turns 15 this year.

However, it soon became apparent that the account is fake. Not only has the PSP's access to the PlayStation Store been disconnected making any digital release impossible, there's also the fact that the official Tetris Twitter account makes no mention of a PSP version and states that Tetris 99 is indeed exclusive to Switch:

Still, it made us giggle.

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