Continuing its apparent bid for world domination, Fortnite held an in-game concert this weekend featuring real-life music producer and DJ, Marshmello, reportedly seeing over 10 million players watching, interacting, and performing their favourite emotes in real time. If at least 50% of that sentence went over your head, you're not alone, but the result was quite something.

At 7pm on Saturday, players were whisked away into a special match at the game's Pleasant Park location, with all weapons completely removed. The event had been teased throughout the previous week, and many wore special Marshmello costumes and streamed the event on services like YouTube and Twitch. It was essentially like the Super Bowl, but for an entirely different crowd.

You can see it in action via the official video above, and this fan-recorded point of view below. Regardless of your views on the game (we know a lot of our more vocal readers aren't particularly keen) or even your views on Marshmello's music, it's undeniable that this event was a rather spectacular effort on a technical level. Hosting that many players across all platforms, with live, interactive segments throughout (players experienced anti-gravity physics when the music dropped) is impressive, and goes a long way in showing why Fortnite's ever-changing world is as popular as it is.

Despite the fact that these fans are technically too young for the game (that's another story for another time), this shows the sort of hype levels it caused among its biggest fans.

Did you experience the event? Would you like your favourite game worlds to host real, live moments like this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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