Lots of lovely Kickstarter news today! Lunark comes from Canari Games, a one-man team consisting of Johan Vinet, and he hopes to bring his game to Switch. It launched on Kickstarter a little while back, but we’ve only just caught it, and we have to say it looks rather nice.

Self-described as a ‘wild adventure set in the midst of a rebellion against a totalitarian regime’, it owes a lot to the classic 1992 game Flashback, as you can see from the trailer. This means there’ll be plenty of running, jumping, ledge-grabbing and hauling yourself up, plus a curious mixture of natural imagery mixed with alien architecture and monolithic technology. Vinet namechecks both Flashback and Prince of Persia in the blurb of his Kickstarter pitch and is recreating the rotoscoped charm of his influences.

While the launch trailer and the screens set the scene nicely, the alpha footage below gives you a better idea of how the finished product will play.

While the developer is at pains to point out that the game is only around 15% complete – with readability of text and various other issues being addressed in the future – we think you’ll agree it looks pretty lovely even at this early stage. We also love the kidney-shaped Mega Drive pad on the Controls menu – what a reassuringly chunky bit of kit that was!

Lunark stands at 70% funded at the time of writing with just six days to go, so if you love those old Delphine Software games, or just like the look of this, head over to its Kickstarter page.

Does this tickle your fancy? Been stung by Kickstarters in the past? Still waiting for your 3DS version of Mighty No. 9 (we’re not bitter, honest!)? Share your thoughts below.

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