Hercules is well and truly on his way to Nintendo Switch, as a remaster of the classic '90s platformer Gods is on its way to the console.

Fittingly called Gods Remastered, this new release has been developed by Robot Riot Games and actually released on Steam towards the end of last year. The remaster presents the original title - developed by the Bitmap Brothers and released on systems like the SNES, Sega Mega Drive and more around 1991/92 - in a whole new look; you can actually play either with the original pixel graphics or in a "modern 3D mode with an extensive new soundtrack". You can see the visual differences in the images below.

Here are some features to give you a little more info, taken from the Steam version of the game:

- Explore 12 levels based on the original level design full of monsters, puzzles and secrets
- Defeat the four Great Guardians to join the Gods as an equal
- Collect or buy different weapons and extras to master the challenge
- Switch between classic pixel and modern 3D graphics at the push of a button
- Unlock the speedrun mode and compete against other players around the world
- Experience this true-to-original reworked classic for the first time with improved controls and frame rate, with save points and an extensive soundtrack.

The Switch version news actually comes from a Facebook post, in which the developer states that the game has now passed certification. The post says that the game "only needs the store page set up now, which will happen soon". No release date has been provided, but that certainly sounds promising to us.

Do you like the look of this one? Any memories of playing the original back in the day? Let us know in the comments.

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