Digital Sun has released a free downloadable update for its beautiful dungeon crawler, Moonlighter. It includes a grand total of nine new companions to aid your adventures and a host of new minibosses, so as not to make its rogue-lite action too easy.

There are a load of minor additions to the base game, too. Here's a more comprehensive list of features and changes from the horse's mouth:

Zenon’s Campfire — From now on, when you visit the dungeons at night, Zenon will be there, sitting by his campfire, ready to tell you some forgotten stories of Rynoka and Moonlighter’s world. Those tales will be unlocked with the game’s progression.
Tomo Stories — We've modified and added more lines for Tomo. They should explain her relationship with Will better, shedding some light on their mutual past.
Banker Information — We have introduced a lot of special warnings and UI changes to avoid the Banker "stealing" your money. A lot of you forgot to revisit that mustachioed capitalist and were losing the investment.
Sorting Items — We've added a sorting mechanic inside the inventory.
Get the Broom! — We’ve added the possibility to get the Broom™ from Le Retailer (if you’ve managed to lose it somehow!). The Broom™ is important for getting some achievements - so we hope you like this little feature!
Prices Update — We’ve added a new system in the Shop to better inform whenever an item’s price gets updated.
+ Minor changes and Fixes

We enjoyed the game a lot, despite its 'grindy' mechanics, saying in our review that "if you want to play a top-down Legend of Zelda game as a rogue-lite while also taking shifts as a shopkeeper then, hey, Moonlighter is about to scratch a distinctive itch for you. It hits a sweet spot somewhere between satisfying swordplay and nitty-gritty economic sim."

Did Moonlighter strike a chord with you? Does this free update address any issues you had with it originally? Discuss in the usual boxes below.