Nintendo has revealed that Fire Emblem: Three Houses will hit the Switch on July 26th, after admitting that the game needs a little more time in the oven. It had originally been slated for a spring release.

The latest in a long line of tactical RPGs, Three Houses takes place in a kingdom divided into three states, and places you in the role of a mercenary who winds up at the prestigious Officier's Academy.

Here, you join one of three houses – each aligned to one of the aforementioned states – and take charge of a group of students who follow you into battle to gain experience. You're expected to embark on missions throughout the land, as well as watch over your students to ensure they enhance their skills and create bonds that will help them on the battlefield.

As an aside, given that Nintendo Life is based in Leicestershire, England, we found it highly amusing that one of the nations in the game is called the 'Leicester Alliance' (nothing to do with the defunct building society, we hope).

A slight delay we can take, especially if it means the game is even better. It could have been worse, at least.