(Although, don't tell Reggie, but it looks like Iwata rated the E3 performance of a plastic figure over his.)

In 2014, the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' swept the world, and Reggie – along with several other NoA staffers – did their part.

For E3 in 2015, Nintendo rolled out one of its best and most memorable video clips, with Reggie once again showing his sense of humour and the fact that he wasn't above poking fun at himself:

Nintendo's E3 show was notable for turning three of the company's most famous staffers into puppets – and yes, of course Reggie was one of them.

Keeping with the theme of humour, Reggie and his team at NoA found time for some light-hearted videos – such as this trio of clips to promote Yo-Kai Watch on the 3DS.

2015 saw the tragic and untimely passing of Iwata, one of the people Reggie had worked most closely with during his time at Nintendo. The impact was felt throughout the entire company, and Reggie delivered a fitting tribute to the great man at The Game Awards that year.

Reggie has a keen understanding of marketing and promotion and has displayed this on more than one occasion. One of his most recent masterstrokes was demoing the soon-to-launch Switch on the Jimmy Fallon Show, thereby educating an audience of millions in the merits of the hybrid platform.

Doug Bowser – the man who will replace Reggie in April – is a relatively new addition to the NoA team, but this clip from 2017 shows how well the two get on with one another.

It's also worth pointing out that Reggie has been a focal point in Nintendo's ongoing support for The Game Awards, and has appeared on-stage during these events to talk directly with fans and the gaming community at large. We have a feeling that footage of Reggie sharing the stage with Sony's Shawn Layden and Microsoft's Phil Spencer will become iconic over time; can you imagine any other Nintendo president doing this?

Farewell, Reggie. You've given us an incredible amount of cool memories, and Doug Bowser has big shoes to fill. You'll always be our purple Pikmin.