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Ah, poor Alex Kidd. He was once the toast of the world of Sega; a worthy rival to Mario who starred in a series of likeable games on the Master System, as well as a cool arcade exclusive. But that was before Sonic turned up, and Alex Kidd was quickly forgotten as Sega's outgoing mascot.

Still, we've got a place in our hearts for the monkey boy who, lest we forget, was supposed to be a Dragon Ball character. If you're in the same boat then you'll be pleased to learn that Alex Kidd in Miracle World is the next game to get the Sega Ages treatment.

We don't know a solid release date yet, but we do know that it will include a 'rewind' feature so you can pick yourself up from those split-second mistakes by skipping back gameplay by up to five seconds.

It also comes with the FM sound mode (only available with additional hardware on the original console) as well as newly-drawn scenes set to the 'Sukopako Cycle' theme, which is a music track previously unused in the original game.

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