Nintendo Switch VLC

Certain file formats on computers can be a pain in the neck. Some are immediately recognised and some aren't. The VLC media player is a free-to-use program - created by nonprofit organisation VideoLan - and is a helpful solution when applications or operating systems won't support a particular video file.

With this in consideration, the president and lead developer of VideoLan Jean-Baptiste Kempf recently spoke with VentureBeat about the future of the media application. The overall aim is to offer more support and bring VLC to more platforms. According to VentureBeat, Kempf is even considering the media player for multiple console devices including the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. VLC is already available on the Xbox One through the Microsoft Store.

Video entertainment applications out now on the Nintendo Switch include the likes of YouTube, Hulu and NicoNico. There were also multiple rumours a while ago about the release of Netflix on the hybrid device, but there's still no sign of the service.

Would you like to see the VLC media player on the Switch eventually? Would you like more video playing applications and streaming services on Switch in general? Tell us below.