Kirby is adorable. Fact. His friends are almost as adorable, too, making us fall in love with this short video faster than you can say "Dream Friends".

Yes, shared online today by Nintendo UK, the video below is a time-lapse showing the creation of a particularly cutesy art piece. The artists in question are none other than Kirby Star Allies development team members, gathering together to celebrate last month's release of the Wave 3 Update - the final content being added to the game.

The piece features Magolor, Taranza and Susie, the Three-Mage Sisters, and the wonderful, pink blob of joy himself, all circling the page in a scene which would make even the villainous King Dedede crack a smile or two. The talent on display is sublime, too, with each character slowly but surely coming to life as time goes on. We're painfully jealous of anyone who can draw something more significant than a stickman.

Are you still enjoying Kirby Star Allies? Do you perhaps feel inspired to create your very own sketch of your favourite characters? Tell us below.