Around 1997-98, a hack-and-slash game under the name Dragon Sword was in development for the Nintendo 64. Sadly, it was never completed, and players never got to see it as it was truly intended, but that might be about to change.

The game was originally being created by Team Storm at Interactive Studios, the team behind 1998 platformer, Glover), but unknown complications relating to its publisher meant that it never made it to store shelves. A beta of sorts was eventually released in 2010 thanks to an anonymous collector, shared online for those intrigued to experience the game at the point at which it had been abandoned, but its unfinished state and unresolved bugs meant that it was more of a novelty than a fully working game.

Now, though, Piko Interactive has confirmed that it has acquired the rights to the game along with its source code, hinting that it may well go on to finally finish the game's development 20 years later. Piko Interactive has a history of restoring lost games, notably resurrecting another lost N64 title, 40 Winks, via Kickstarter just last year.

We could well see a similar crowdfunding campaign for this project in the near future - potentially being something for any eager retro fans to keep their beady eyes on. If you're interested in rare or lost games and have fond memories of the N64 era, make sure to keep an eye out for this one.

[source twitter.com, via unseen64.net]