Back in 1998, Eurocom began work on a 3D platformer called 40 Winks which allowed you to enter a world of dreams and transform into a wide range of different characters. Sadly, when publisher GT Interactive began to haemorrhage cash the N64 version of 40 Winks - which was eventually released on PlayStation and is known in Europe as Ruff and Tumble - was one of the many projects to get the axe.

Fast forward to the present, and Piko Interactive - which has a history of reviving lost video games - has taken to Kickstarter to secure a physical release for Eurocom's lost platformer. After a day it has already smashed its modest goal of $20,000, meaning a physical launch has been secured.

Two versions of the game are on offer, with the regular edition containing a grey game pack, colour cardboard box and insert and colour manual. The special edition has a colour game pack, special edition box and inset, colour manual, poster and a POG (Hey, remember those? Well they're back!) featuring special artwork.

With over $28,000 already raised, the first stretch goal is in sight - a special 40 Winks N64 controller, which is unlocked at $60,000.

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