UK developer and publisher Team17 had a pretty fantastic year in 2018 with a number of great titles arriving across Nintendo Switch and other platforms; Overcooked 2 actually jumped straight into second place in our list of the Best Switch Couch Co-Op Games, remaining a firm favourite ever since. It seems like 2019 will be no different, as the studio outlines its plans for the months to come.

First up is a little more news on the upcoming My Time at Portia; the game is currently in Early Access on Steam but has already started to generate a fair bit of interest from players. The development team has been working on several large content updates in response to fan requests, and the game is targetting a 2019 release across all platforms.

Next up is Overcooked 2. You might think that having the base game, the recently-added New Game+ mode, the Surf 'N' Turf DLC package, and the free festive content update would be more than enough to get your knives and forks stuck into, but there's still more to come. Team17 says that it has nothing specific to reveal right now, but that "there will be plenty more" Overcooked 2 in 2019.

The studio has also reminded players about Genesis Alpha One, a sci-fi FPS coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, as well as multiplayer World War II shooter Hell Let Loose, before noting that these games only "scratch the surface" of what's on the horizon.

"The year has only just begun and the handful of games we’ve listed above only scratch the surface of what’s in store for Team17 fans in 2019. There are some amazing games in the works both at the Team17 studio and with our Games Label partners as well as further updates and additions for previously released titles."

Are you a fan of Team17's work? Are you excited for the games listed above, or more so at the prospect of new titles in the works? Share your thoughts with us below.

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