Pikachu Live Action

The Detective Pikachu movie isn’t even out yet and already there are some wild rumours about Legendary Entertainment’s plans to expand the Pokémon cinematic universe. We Got You Covered has "trusted sources" claiming there are plans to release a separate live-action CGI movie based on the original Game Boy titles, Red & Blue.

According to the website, the idea is to “flesh things out” with a combination of live-action and CGI in order to recreate Red’s adventure across the Kanto region. The project will apparently be set in the same universe as Detective Pikachu, but will only have minor connections to this film. As noted by the website, there’s actually already been an anime adaptation based on the original games, known as Pokémon Origins.

In addition to this movie, Legendary is supposedly already working on a separate spin-off film to follow the release of Detective Pikachu. This live-action movie will reportedly focus on Mewtwo. It means in total, there could be another two Pokémon movies on the way.

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