European and American eShop listings have reconfirmed Caveblazers is making its way to the Switch on 10th January. UK-based developer Deadpan Games also mentioned the fantasy game's release via its official Twitter account:

If you haven't heard about this popular indie title before, it's described as a brutal and challenging roguelike platform game. Each playthrough is unique due to procedurally generated levels and a long list of items, weapons and equipment to discover. As you delve deeper into the unknown, you'll encounter more enemies and stumble across more weapons. Here are additional details from the Nintendo game page:

  • Throughout your journey you will encounter AI characters. Some friendly, some hostile. We're using an advanced pathfinding system which means friendly characters will be able to follow you wherever you go, and hostile characters will be able to track you down wherever you hide. There is no escape. Be afraid!
  • Caveblazers is a modern platformer which incorporates some Roguelike and RPG elements such as permanent death, randomized potion identities, an RPG-style inventory system and tons of items, equipment and upgrades!
  • Each day a new adventure will be generated! It will be the same for everyone and you'll only get one chance at it! These challenge runs give you a starting loadout, and feature a set of different traits.
  • Between each area you'll encounter a boss. Each boss is very unique, requiring a different strategy to defeat. Bosses are generally gigantic monstrosities with life bars stretching across the entire screen. Good luck!
  • A whole load of unlockable hats, tunics, trousers, robes, and more! Or perhaps you fancy stripping off and heading in to the caves in the nude? Go for it!
  • Largely overlooked in other modern Roguelike games, Caveblazers attempts to move away from the simplistic combat systems we've seen in other games in the genre, and incorporates fun, fluid and fast-paced combat which is accentuated by the game's brutal and persistent blood effects.
  • In case that isn't enough content, Caveblazers features a bunch of challenges for the well seasoned players to take a punt at. These challenges reward players with new items, weapons & perks!

Will you be downloading this one on release? Are you a fan of roguelike games? Tell us below.

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