As anyone who happens to be as hopelessly addicted to collecting amiibo figures as us will know, trying to find the space to keep your lovely collection on show is an absolute nightmare. This particular amiibo figure absolutely takes the biscuit, though, and we're pretty sure it's the biggest one we've ever seen.

The amazing figure belongs to Cody, co-host of Twitch channel DSKoopa. Talking to Kotaku, Cody reveals that the enormous Mario model was actually made by his mum, consisting of 6,000 individual bricks. Wow. Seemingly wanting to make the gift even more special, Cody decided to add an amiibo chip into a base for the model so that it would function as an ordinary Mario figure. You can see it working in the clip below.

Of course, carrying around a giant Mario who just so happens to be made entirely out of a material which can be pulled apart can have its setbacks. This second clip was uploaded to the Twitch channel on the very same day as the happy moment above. (Watch Mario's hand).

Regardless, this thing is incredible and we find ourselves desperately wanting one or five for the Nintendo Life office. If you're reading this, Cody's mum, we'll trade you one giant Snorlax!