Buckle yourselves in for an amazing story...
Image: Callum Underwood

Loving and playing video games can be an expensive hobby - not just thanks to the games and hardware themselves, but also thanks to the avalanche of extra toys, figures, and merchandise that are produced as a result. Most of us will have experienced a desire to purchase the odd extravagant item as a result in our lifetimes, but this particular story gave us a nice little chuckle.

Let's go back in time for a moment to mid-October. Callum Underwood, who just so happens to be the head of games at streaming service Caffeine, has posted a tweet asking followers for some guidance. "Please help me twitter, I ordered this large boi when I was drunk, and had it delivered to my friend in America. It's going to cost $1000 to ship here to the UK", he says, going on to ask how he might get his purchase from San Fransisco to his UK hometown. The purchase in question turned out to be a very "large boi" indeed, as you can see below.

A promotional image of Callum's fantastic new purchase

After turning down various options which included having the toy cut open and re-stuffed back in the UK - thank goodness that didn't happen - he decided to bring the plush back himself during a business trip to the West Coast. He squeezed the Snorlax into a cardboard box and took it straight to the airport, hoping to bring it back just like you would an ordinary suitcase.



The problem was that there were multiple flights between the Snorlax's original destination and the flight which would take both of our story's heroes home. After the second flight, things took a turn for the worse; American airport staff cut the box open to inspect its contents, swabbing the poor Snorlax to check that it wasn't being used to smuggle any less-than-friendly items onto the plane.


After even more flights, and no doubt a lot more stress, the end was in sight. The very last flight was from London to Newcastle, and it's here where our story comes to a wonderful, heartwarming end.


If you're reading this Callum, congratulations on your journey and your brand new friend. We salute your dedication to bringing your "absolute unit" home.

[source independent.ie, via twitter.com]