If you're aware of Super Smash Bros. tier lists, and especially if you're of the opinion that they're essentially rather useless, then this article is absolutely for you.

For anyone in the dark here, Smash tier lists are designed by players - usually those who play at a competitive level - to inform others about which characters could potentially be worth 'maining', or using to play with themselves. The tiers usually have a ranking system from 'S' to 'F' or similar, with the entire roster being given a letter based on their overall usefulness. We actually shared a couple of these tier lists created by pro players just last month.

Fans of the game have started to create their own joke lists, however, posting them online to give everyone else a good giggle. While trying out a character that has been praised by a pro player would be a good place to start, you could argue that simply having fun with whoever you want to play as is most important; as such, these players have twisted the entire concept, sharing which characters are best for menial tasks.

We'll kick things off with one of our favourites - a chart listing characters by their Rubik's Cube efficiency.

A chart based on various songs featuring the words "wake me up", with a nod to Yoshi's tax fraud antics.

Who has the best taunt in the game? Poor Pichu.

We've had to block out a naughty word here (you can view the original here), but we suspect someone is a Marth fan...

Image: @HugS86

This one says it all, and we love it.

Perhaps a not-so-subtle reference to fans who believe Fire Emblem is over-represented.

"O Lucina, Lucina, wherefore art thou Lucina?"

We could go on listing these forever, but we'll end things here with this list of characters most likely to pay for the meal at the end of date. We absolutely agree with Jigglypuff's position here.

Now then, lovely Nintendo Life community, we hand things over to you. Do you agree with the lists shown above? Have any of your favourite characters been placed in a tier that you wholeheartedly disagree with? Let your thoughts be known in the comments below.