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Whether you’re ready for it or not, the Sonic the Hedgehog movie is coming to a big screen near you, later this year on 8th November. Since the initial announcement, the film's creators and various Hollywood news outlets have slowly revealed more information about the upcoming flick, including the cast and plot details.

Arguably, the film just got its biggest exposure yet at this year’s Golden Globes. Actor Jim Carrey - starring as the Sonic villain Dr. Robotnik in the movie - got some airtime during the awards show and used it to help set up a skit about him being "kicked out" while name-dropping the latest film he had been working on. You can view the full clip below:

After Carrey mentions Sonic, one of the hosts Andy Samberg - known as a member of the comedy music group Lonely Island and as Jake Peralta in the police sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine - fires back with the following:

"Well, you know, come back next year. I'm sure it'll be nominated."

Regardless of Samberg's tone, at least more people now know about Sonic's big screen outing.

Are you still optimistic about Sonic's silver screen debut? Tell us below.

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