Jim Carrey
Image: Paramount

During the month of June news was circulating the Canadian-American actor and comedian, Jim Carrey, would take on the role of the evil Dr. Robotnik in Paramount Pictures’ Sonic The Hedgehog movie due out at some point next year.

At the time it was just a rumour, but it’s since been confirmed by Deadline Hollywood with a direct confirmation from the man himself when asked about the video game to movie adaption at a recent event:

It will be live-action.

As previously noted, Sonic with the help of James Marsden will be out to stop Carrey as Eggman, who is presumably hell-bent on achieving world domination.

Given the role, this seems like a fitting casting choice. Carrey has previously played a number of borderline psychotic characters over the years – including starring in the 1994 film, The Mask, and playing The Riddler in the 1995 movie, Batman Forever.

Are you excited about this movie? How do you feel about the casting of Jim Carrey as Doctor Eggman? Tell us below.

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