Super Rare Club

Publishing company Super Rare Games, known for releasing indie favourites in physical form on Nintendo Switch, is launching a Super Rare Club Membership which hopes to "remove any potential stress associated with purchasing items" from the store.

As any collectors of physical Nindies will know, securing each and every one of the titles made available through sites like Super Rare Games and Limited Run Games can be incredibly difficult; often, thanks to each release's limited number of units, you can still find yourself empty-handed even after putting the game in your online basket the second it goes on sale. This membership is hoping to change that, giving you early access to sales and providing you with "exclusive" information.

Recent titles released have included the likes of Worms W.M.D., Snake Pass, N++ Ultimate Edition, and Steredenn: Binary Stars, with more titles scheduled for release throughout 2019.

Here's what you get in the new membership:

- Access to all products 48 hours before their general release dates
- Priority shipping: we will send your games out before anyone else
- Be part of a secret mailing list and receive inside information and exclusive game announcements
- Added to a secret Discord server containing other members and also the Super Rare Team
- Entered into monthly competitions to win special items and signed copies of games
- 25% discount on any purchased merchandise (one use only)
- Premium packaging on all orders

As you might expect, the membership comes at a price, with £30 of your hard-earned cash being required to join. For that £30, you'll be covered from 1st February 2019 until 31st January 2020, gaining all of the benefits mentioned above. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, you can purchase a membership right here.

Does this sound like a good idea to you, or do you think the benefits aren't worth the extra money? Let us know in the comments.