Despite the fact that the Switch has been selling like hotcakes as of late, actually outselling its main rivals to become the best-selling console of 2018 in the US, rumours and mumblings of a potential new model (or a price cut to the existing model) have been circulating for some time.

Earlier this month, analysts shared their beliefs that Nintendo will release a new version of the console this year, potentially even going as far as to ditch the Joy-Con setup altogether as part of a 100% portable 'Switch Mini' system. While a change or revision seems likely at some stage, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa has suggested that things are staying exactly as they are for now in a recent interview with Japanese publication The Sankei News.

In the interview, Furukawa was once again asked about the 20 million Switch units goal for this financial year. We've heard his comments about it being "ambitious" countless times before, but the next part of the comment stands out here (translation via Nintendo Everything).

Furukawa: "It is an extremely ambitious, but worthwhile achievement. So, we will maintain this goal. Nintendo Switch is our primary sales objective, and we are not considering a successor or a price cut at this time."

So, not only is the 20 million units goal still very much on, but Nintendo appears to believe that it can be reached without any changes to its current strategy. If the console's still selling at a comfortable rate, perhaps any potential hardware revisions or price drops can be pushed back. 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it' - and all that.

Were you expecting to see any price drops or new Switch models this year? What do you think will be the first change if and when it does eventually arrive? Share your thoughts with us below.

[source sankei.com, via nintendoeverything.com]