Mario Kart Tour

While we're still yet to see or hear the slightest trickle of info surrounding how it will play, Nintendo's upcoming mobile app Mario Kart Tour has been delayed until this summer.

Originally scheduled to arrive in the financial year ending March 2019, the app has been pushed back to the summer to improve its overall quality as well as its post-release content. The news comes from Nintendo's official Japanese Twitter account.

As we mentioned above, other than this slight delay announcement, we really don't know much at all about what Mario Kart Tour will really be. It was first announced in February last year, with it soon being revealed that it will be a 'free-to-start' application, but we're still waiting for its grand reveal. Interestingly, in a financial briefing last year, Nintendo said that it would be starting "a service" for Mario Kart Tour, describing it as an "application" rather than a game.

Are you intrigued by the idea of Mario Kart on mobile? What do you think the finished product will look like? Share your thoughts with us below.