It looks like a lovely collection of Platinum Games-inspired merchandise could well be on the way to an online store near you (and then instantly to your home via a cardboard box, we imagine). Or at least, it will be if fans show enough demand to make it happen.

The studio's game designer and director Hideki Kamiya has shared the following tweet with fans today, showcasing some of the merchandise currently being considered. We can see t-shirts, a mug, a pen, and other luxurious-looking bits and bobs that we'd happily plonk on our mantelpiece, and Kamiya hopes to determine fan interest to see whether they might be worth selling.

If you're wanting to sport a snazzy PlatinumGames tee while you wait for Bayonetta 3 to arrive, you might want to retweet this message as requested to show your interest (assuming you haven't been blocked, of course).

Do you like the goods shown? Do you like wearing merch from your favourite game developers? Let us know in the comments.

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