If you picked up Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes and are looking to give those bugs a sound thrashing, we've got some tips to get you on the right track. It's not the most complex game, but it's easy to get stuck in a rut and forget the variety of options at your disposal to approach each encounter. As well as general pointers (hint: dodge a lot), we've included an overview of every boss you'll face. Beware though - the real strength of Travis Strikes Again come from the little surprises it throws up, and naturally there are spoilers below. You've been warned!

General tips

  • Keep an eye on that beam sword charge. It becomes more powerful the longer you go without taking a hit, but every swing depletes the energy bar. Recharging is simple; click in the left stick and waggle the right Joy-Con.
  • Remember that using the toilets not only saves your game but also magically replenishes your health (magic indeed, judging from Travis’ wiping regimen).
  • Remember to level up from the pause menu to increase your attack damage – you earn XP with every enemy you defeat. Experiment with different skills, too. We found the Wing Chip’s electric shock and quick dash of the 00 Chip invaluable, but there are loads to choose from. Find something that suits your playstyle.
  • Think carefully about the enemies attacking you. Prioritise anything that fires projectiles, then concentrate on melee. It’s usually best to clear the crowd before taking on the tanks.
  • Try to line up charge attacks (hitting ‘R’ when charged and waggling the right Joy-Con) to take down as many enemies as possible. They’re powerful and it’s a shame to waste them on one lowly grub while the opposite side of the screen is teeming with baddies.
  • Ramen Shops are hard to miss, so be sure to visit Bugjirou the ramen guy for a health and energy top-up.

Boss Guide

1. Electric Thunder Tiger II

Mid Boss – Sheepman Red

Immediately after the third toilet you’ll run into an open space and meet the first midboss. Sheepman Red charges at you and charges himself with electricity, but isn’t hugely challenging (none of the Sheepmen are). If you’ve ignored the dodge button until now, this is an opportunity to get acquainted with it. Keep swinging and dodging and remember to use the skills you’ve picked up (the Shining Chip and the Psycho Chip).

Boss – Electro Triple Star

Electro Triple Star

Travis’ video game hero, Electro Triple Star charges an easily avoidable laser beam, summons bolts of electricity that glow as circles on the ground before striking and fires balls of electricity that radiate out from his position. In phase two he activates four lights around the arena which must be destroyed as enemies spawn. A glowing strip on the floor signals an incoming attack – jump away to avoid a shock. Once the four lights are gone, just pummel him as much as possible, avoiding the occasional pulse wave he emits. Defeating Electro Triple Star will net you the Wing Chip. Equip it immediately – it’s powerful lightning attack will come in handy.

Electro Triple Star

2. Life Is Destroy

Mid Boss – Sheepman Green

Sheepman Green throws three green projectiles that are relatively easy to avoid and engages in some teleportation shenanigans. Simply watch his patterns and learn to dodge – you’ll soon have him licked.

Boss – Doppelganger Patrick Granada Jr


Murderous tendencies aside, Doppelganger is a bit of a pushover. As long as you’ve mastered the dodge, you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

  • Phase 1. Simply dodge the occasional projectile and watch out for his teleport.
  • Phase 2. He then duplicates himself around the street – hit the fakes to reveal the true Doppelganger(!) before the timer reaches zero. He’ll spawn giant spinning playing cards and floating purple guns that fire at you.
  • Phase 3. Similar to phase 2, though with more projectiles.

That’s it. Finish him and you’ll pick be gifted a new skill chip.


3. Coffee & Doughnuts

Mid Boss – Sheepman Purple

In room 305. Similar to his fellow Sheepmen, he’s not fantastically challenging. This one launches homing missiles and spinning blades which hang mid-air for a while, but again, as long as you’ve got your dodging skills down, he shouldn’t prove too much trouble.

Boss – Brian Buster Jr.

Brian Buster Jr.

Brian’s got some decent punches and fires green energy balls at you, but liberal dodging should keep you clear of the worst of it (we found the 00 Chip very useful for getting out of the way). Once he’s down to his last quarter of health some laser eyes activate on the statue behind him and rain down explosive pain on half of the stage, so be sure to scarper when the red circles appear on the ground. Once Brian is out of his wooden mechsuit, a few generous strikes from the beamsword should sort him out and bag you the Strike Freedom Chip.

Brian Buster Jr.

4. Golden Dragon GP

Mid Boss – Sheepman Yellow

This one throws fire and releases a shockwave you must jump to avoid. Otherwise he’s the same fodder as normal.

Boss – Smoking King

Smoking King

After beating him in the drag race, you’ll face Smoking King in an arena. He’s got an earthquake-like move that radiates out in bursts, so make sure you jump clear beforehand. He also shoots out powerful fireballs. Get his health bar down to the red and he’ll start releasing projectiles that fan out and doing flaming butt-slams that quake the entire arena – time your jumps to avoid them. Keep at him and you’ll get the Physalis Chip for your troubles.

Smoking King

5. Killer Marathon

Boss - Mothership


Well, if you count the Mothership as a boss then, yes, there’s a boss. Simply get below the mothership and fire at the core. Hitting ‘Y’ releases a 360° explosion of bullets, so use that if you’re surrounded by missiles.

6. Serious Moonlight/Damned Dark Knight

Mid Boss - Sheepman Pink

This one summons hexes that shoot energy balls at you – pink ones. Simple enough to dodge, this sheep is as simple as all the others and should cause you few problems at this late stage.

Boss – Eight Hearts

Eight Hearts

Eight Hearts spins into a tornado that tracks after you pretty sharpish, so you’ll have to be nimble. Just keep moving and deal with the skulls he summons quickly. Banishing him gets you the Crossbone Chip.

7. CIA

Mid Boss

There’s no traditional midboss, although you’ll encounter Sheepmen on your travels. In general, thin the horde before engaging them one-on-one.

Boss – White Sheepman

White Sheepman has a range of attacks to avoid, including a blackhole-style move that sucks you in, various homing projectiles, shockwaves to jump over and the ability to cause damage by igniting squares on the floor. The strategy is the same as always – keep moving and use that quick dash to get out of the way sharpish. If you’re low on health, equip the V Chip and wait until she moves to the centre and starts her shockwave attack – you’ll be able to stay in one spot absorbing health while jumping to avoid the waves. She’s got one seemingly unavoidable attack – a summoned ball of light that emanates across the entire arena – so you’ll want at least one life in the bank. Once finished, you’ll get the Dendrobium Chip.

White Sheepman