Mario And Luigi Inside Story IMG

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey has been out for a week on the 3DS in the US now and already a major game-breaking bug has been found. According to a post over on Reddit by the user FrankCopper, when you lose Mario from your party in the Nimble Woods area of the game and then go back a screen to save your progress, the game glitches out and Luigi is unable to move beyond this section.

Here's a YouTube upload of the issue, courtesy of another Mario & Luigi player (DarkMarioGaming):

The original poster on Reddit, who lost 15 hours of progress, said how they contacted Nintendo when they realised the 3DS release had a game-breaking bug. Here's how it unfolded:

"so after speaking with customer service, there isn’t anything that they can do since is the first reported issue that this has occurred. Besides this video and me calling to complain about it, the only other occurrence of this being documented is in the Nintendo Support forums. They thought it might be something with my Save file but this has gotta be code getting confused because you don’t have Mario in your party. This sucks, gonna have to start my save over again..."

We can only hope Nintendo patches out this bug soon, to avoid it becoming a widespread problem.

Have you encountered this issue? Do you plan to buy this game or have you already got it? Tell us below.