Red Bull and Session Games are bringing Snowboarding The Next Phase to the eShop on January 10th, it has been revealed.

Created by developers who have previously worked on EA's SSX and Skate franchises, this adaptation of the smartphone title Snowboarding The Fourth Phase combines sports with RPG elements to create what is perhaps the closest we're going to get to a 1080° Snowboarding successor on Switch right now.

Here's some PR:

An action-sports RPG with a strong focus on authentic backcountry snowboard action.
+ RIDE to beat missions and WIN new gear and items from your sponsors.
+ COLLECT and UPGRADE gear and equipment to increase your score and become the best.
+ COMPETE against other players and in special events for exclusive items and gear.
+ 60+ levels in 11 different locations including Alaska, Russia, Japan, and British Columbia.
+ Full-on support for Album: Capture epic powder carves, big drops, and massive tricks from both Follow and Drone camera views.
+ Real life pros. Real life brands. Learn from the best riders in the world. Ride the best and latest snowboard gear. Everything you need to access the steepest lines and the freshest powder, including snowcats, drones, and helicopters.